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DMA Virtual Open House

Welcome to the DMA Virtual Open House! This year has been strange, to say the least. Parents are nervous about sending their child to class and we want to put those nerves at ease. So take a look around our school - we hope you can feel comfortable with the precautions we have put in place!

Pandemic Preparedness Plan

The Coronavirus pandemic has made us realize that certainty is a luxury so we have created an in-depth strategy in the case of a flu pandemic. From our perspective, we have learned that plans can never be too comprehensive. And with the inevitability of uncertainty, there’s all the more reason for more planning. Download PDF >>>

Blog Post: DMA Neurocognitive Training: Case Study

For this week, we're going to be picking up from where we left off in our last post and dive deeper into neurocognitive science with a case study conducted by our own psychologist, Todd Nadeau.

Parent Testimonials

Divine Mercy Academy was created to meet the unique learning needs of students who struggle with the challenges of core curriculum.


We want our blog to be a great resource for parents which is why it encompasses everything from school updates to educational materials. Going through the educational system and trying to find the best possible fit for your child is a demanding process. The hope of our blog is to help you with meeting those demands by providing you with content that makes you more comfortable when you’re deciding on your child’s educational career path.
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