The Coronavirus pandemic has made us realize that certainty is a luxury. Nearly every aspect of life has been plagued by some amount of uncertainty during this pandemic. From our perspective, we have learned that plans can never be too comprehensive. Because uncertainty is inevitable, there’s all the more reason for more planning.

You can download our pandemic preparedness plan below:


When traveling, please consider the possible impact that traveling will have during this pandemic. If you must travel, prior to departing, review the full list of questions that may be asked of you/your child on their return to school.

Additionally, if you must travel, please adhere to the following Covid-19 guidelines while traveling:

Upon your return from travel, at least 48 hours prior to your child’s return to school, please complete the Travel Risk Assessment Screening on the DMA website @ Your answers will determine if more follow-up questions are in order directly from the school. If an employee or student have traveled outside of every day travel, it may be necessary to adhere to stay-at-home quarantine procedures for a minimum of 14 days upon return. Any staff or student shall discuss with the school prior to travel if they have any concerns.

Covid-19 symptoms to be aware of:

If quarantine/isolation is required, here are the guidelines you should try to adhere to:

Isolate – tested positive for Covid19 or has primary symptoms of COVID-19. Quarantine – close contact with a person who tested positive for Covid19 or has symptoms of COVID-19.

Find and fill out the Travel Risk Assessment Screening here:

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