Because of Where We Were When!

CURRENT EVENTS | April 17, 2020

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We are who we are – we do what we do – because of where we were when!


The pandemic has impacted each of us in many ways such as how our children are being educated, how we work and shop, how we gather as families, even congregations and communities. How we manage the ever-changing events is having an effect on our lives and is going to have a lasting impact on how we perform in the future. It is important that we reflect on the events and think about the impact, not just the negative impact but also the positive. 


Please think about what is happening in the world, your immediate environment, employment, community and your family, describe how it impacts you as an individual and a member of a greater community. Lets take a moment to reflect on:


  • What you are learning from the pandemic.

  • How has the pandemic impacted:

    • Your life, family, employment, schools

    • Your interpersonal feelings

    • Your relationships

  • As you may be thinking of the negatives, try and think of at least 5 positive learnings.

Anxiety levels are very high. Without fail and without choice, how adults react impacts children. All of the news media, social media, school closings and the uncertainty, is weighing heavily on the children and their families. Changing schedules, loss of jobs, closings of parks, schools, business - all of these extraordinary circumstances only add to all the frustrations/anxiety being experienced. It can be anticipated that children will return to school with many issues, concerns, possibly behavioral concerns. So we need to actively plan for the future. 


  • How are you preparing for the future?

  • What ideas do you have that you would like to share with others as they are also planning for the future.

  • What are the lessons learned?


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